Hercules VI

The Hercules VI is one of the highest quality bulletproof glass in Japan. This production has 2 strong points.


1. The Tranparency

This glass is composed glasses and Polycarbonate.

Though it composed with multi layers, Hercules VI is not corroded any bubbles. This is the strong point of Hercules VI.

2. The High Level Bulletproof

The Hercules VI has high level bulletproof as following some national certifications.


The movie of Bullet Resistant Test(for Hercules VI)

Weapons which were used in Bullet Resistant Test

Solutions of Hercules VI

We have 2 solutions for your company. 


1. Licensed Production

Laminated glass such like Hercules VI is difficult to produce. 

So, we provide the licensed production for Hercules VI.  The cost for installation machinery for 

producing Hercules VI is lower than the other galss production.

Actually some Asian glass makers introduced this solution. 


2. Export as Finished Products

Glasses are needed to transport with special experience. 

We have some experience to export our glass with reliable partners for shipping galsses.